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Hello! If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, hopefully my extended web presence has assured you that I am not dead, only extraordinarily back on my bullshit–my bullshit, in this case, being a tendency to take on eighteen new projects at once with minimal regard to my overall health, sanity, or ability to follow through on existing commitments. Please know that there is more Good Blog Content a-comin’ down the chute, and that you, the reader, may look forward to a bright future of fairly regular blog updates as soon as I get over this latest hump of Oh God What Have I Gotten Myself Into.

MEANWHILE, a brief survey of my latest ventures:

  • DRUM LESSONS: I am taking them! More on that soon.
  • AN ETSY STORE: I have one! Would you like to exchange some money for a handcrafted, tangible artifact produced by yours truly? I hope so! I promise not to muddy the waters of Thoughtful Popular Music Discourse with excess salesmanship, but suffice to say it’s a thing I do now, merch is where the money is, and money is, loathe though we the punx are to admit it, a nice thing to have at one’s disposal.

Anyway, as soon as things settle down a bit and I switch gears to a wordier mode of being, I have a new interview I’m excited to share, more album reviews, more Takes, and more more. Watch this space!

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