fell asleep with a vision

If you, like me, are trapped in a persistent “can’t sleep, spring will eat me” cycle of late, might I recommend Philadelphia, PA’s The Spirit of the Beehive? Hypnic Jerks was one of my favorite albums of 2018 and, folks, she holds up! Lately I’ve been in a weird (but good weird) insomnia-abetted creative flow state and Hypnic Jerks is the perfect soundtrack. It’s less of an album and more of a dreamlike montage of lo-fi rock half-songs that drift in and out of consciousness almost imperceptibly, the sounds of a restless mind trying to sleep but subliminally fighting to stay woke.

mantra moderne

🎶 “Laetitia-Sadier-fronting-Steely-Dan is playing at my house, my house…” 🎶

Look: it’s Sunday, we’re all sleep deprived and staring down yet another hell week of crazy news, relentless narcissism and evil global machinations. We need a treat. We need “Mantra Moderne.” We need gorgeous European millennials cosplaying as bedazzled Laurel Canyon hippies. Yes to love. Yes to life. Yes to staying in more.

h/t Fluxblog