tattoosday mixtape

🎶 “…with knives in the back of me…” 🎶

Hello! Did everyone watch Chair Game Show this weekend? How ’bout them Storks(?)

I’m in the process of getting Baby’s First Tat – not literally right now, still working on the design, etc. – but, in anticipation of the event, I put together a playlist! It’s the in-store soundtrack to the imaginary cool tattoo parlor of my dreams. Share and enjoy.


My latest review for Dusted: CHAI, the all-girl Japanese rock band taking the world by storm.

CHAI love Devo, and if you understand that, a lot of things about the eccentric J-pop band start to make sense. Their workman-like matching outfits and stiffly synchronized dance moves are an obvious homage, but on a deeper level, the two bands share a similar project: spreading subversive ideas through catchy, sloganeering pop music.

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