E is for Enon!

I spend an inordinate amount of time putting things in alphabetical order. I work at a bookstore, where alphabetization is the thin blue line between commerce and chaos. After many, many hours of shelving books, I’ve had alphabetization drilled so deeply into my subconscious I sort things alphabetically almost without thinking.

I had alphabet on the brain when I made this mix. Normally, when I put together playlists, I focus on things like coordinating beat and key, establishing a theme, giving the whole thing a good intuitive temporal-narrative “flow”- you know, music stuff. Applying an entirely separate rule set – a rigid, arbitrary one, at that – could have been a disaster, but frankly I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Is it an obnoxious audiophile flex? Sure! But what is a music blog for, if not a series of obnoxious audiophile flexes? So, without further ado – the ABCs of Share and enjoy.